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Your Axent. Your Style.

The latest fusion of fashion and functionality.

Turn on Axent speakers to share music with your friends, or enjoy yourself silently.

No matter where you are or who you're with, let your personality shine.

40 mm driver with 20 Hz to 20KHz frequency response

USB charging or 3.5 mm Jack included

Comfortable over-the-ears cushion that molds around the head

Got questions or suggestions? E-mail us at

How much will the headphones cost?
We're aiming to keep the price as low as possible without compromising quality. The price we've decided on is $115.
Will you ship internationally?
Yep! Though shipping prices will be different than domestic orders. We are not in control of how much shipping companies charge.
Do the cat ear speakers actually work?
Yes, the speakers are fully functional so you can switch between listening to your music silently or sharing your music with your friends!
Can you turn on and off the cat ear speakers and LED lights?
Yes! Both the external speakers and the LED lights have switches to turn them on or off when you want.
Does the $35 tax and shipping include international shipping?
Yes! We've decided on a flat rate to cover taxes and shipping for everyone all over the world! This includes customs as well.
Is there a mic included?
Yes! The mic is attached to the cord of the 3.5mm jack.
I accidentally ordered the wrong color/ put in the wrong address/ want to upgrade my perk. What do I do?
Please e-mail our customer service at with your full name, address, Indiegogo account name, and the details of your issue. We will put you in a special list to make sure you get what you intended to order.
The price was $115. Why is it $150 now?
The $35 is for shipping, taxes, and customs. We do not get any of this money. It is all paid to the IRS and shipping company.
Why are the 2k and 10k prizes so high?
These limited edition prizes are more for donation than anything else. The custom paint job or drawing is a special thank you gift for helping out our brand new company.